Tokaj Wine Region

The famous Tokaj wine region is situated by two rivers’ intersection, the Tisza and the Bodrog, at the foot of the Bald Mountain. The town isn’t only blessed with its prosperous natural sphere, but its ancient grape culture and wine making is world-renowned and goes back over a thousand years. The region’s documented history verifies that the grape production had always been taking place within the defined triangle of the "three mountain tent " (Tokaj-Mountain, Abaújszántó’s Sátor Hill and Sátoraljaújhely’s Sátor Mountain). In 1737 the Royal Decree declared it to be the world's first closed wine region and as a result of that, the wine production, for nearly three centuries, is still taking place within a strictly regulated law’s framework.

Because of its original form that carries an intact viticulture over the past centuries, as well as its wine region’s millennia-long survival, it was entered in the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2002 and added on the World Heritage List, with its wine region and cultural landscape The Tokaj viticulture is a blend of two traditions, the cellar building habits of the eastern Caucasus and the western Roman viticulture. All the way through the built heritage of the settlement, the special Tokay wine-making process and its historical preservations are foot printed. These traditions had shaped the historical cellars and wineries appearance in form, that are also characterized by KERN Winery.